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Up to date news for 2022 / 2023:

Alongside working in front of the camera Lindsay has been working hard developing her own work which can be found on the FILM-MAKING page. 

Detailed below are some current highlights for 2022/2023:

Wicked Queen - Evolution Productions - Lichfield 


Cementing her third short film as Writer/ Director: File Not Found is currently on the global Film Festival Circuit 


Guest role - Superintendent Carrie Brunswick - BBC IPLAYER - 2024


GREATEST DAYS - Due for Release - Summer 2023


  Guest role as LIV in BBC Comedy PRU - watch now - BBC IPLAYER


Short film Transgressing; Directed by Alessandro Repetti currently in Film Festivals


Interview for Indie Activity Magazine, read the full interview here


Interview for Cinema Crazed, read the full article here

 Audience Feedback from short film Enter Nirvana (LA Experimental Film Festival) - written and directed by Lindsay Bennett-Thompson

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